Private Lessons

Private mentorship features

What's Included


Getting to know you as a trader, your background of why and when you started trading and your goals going forward, which type of time frames you should be trading.


Focus on what you need to succeed. Different trading strategies – Elliott Waves, Fibonacci, Exponential moving averages etc. Deciding which is best for you.


Learn the theory of the most chosen technical analysis indicators. How to use them correctly and using them in real trading situations to make sure you understand the theory.

Assignments & accountability

Bring me your charts and I will critique them saying where you may have made a mistake, and how you can improve your setups.

Detailed session

Recap what we have covered in that session and what we will be working towards in the next.

All coming

How to integrate the chosen trading strategies with other technical analysis indicators and make sure you fully have understood everything to start trading successfully.

unlock your potential

Coaching Packages


1 session

You would like to cover one topic in particular or brush up on a technical analysis indicator theory.

trading Development

10 Sessions

10 sessions where I will cover in depth all of the technical analysis tools I use, how to use them, when to use them and why. You will end with the knowledge and understanding of technical analysis.

the charts

On-going coaching

You are looking for a trading coach long term that you can learn from and then refer to on trades and setups. Close personal connection where I can get a strong feel for you as a trader and how to improve your trades.

If you are interested in becoming a private student of Daniel and increasing your trading knowledge then write an email below outlining your current experience and we will get back to you ASAP with more information on confirming dates.
The price of each session is £497 an hour and each session will last 1 hour. A 50% discount is offered to all existing members of the Mentorship program!

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