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It consists of pure educational content – Contenders live streams, practical content – Champions live streams and supportive community on Discord. There you can get all the help required, may it be educational, technical or psychological. We have experts from different fields to assure you as pleasant journey as possible. We strongly believe everyone can learn technical analysis and find their style of trading that contributes to their life. Our fast-growing thriving community of people from all around the world is a living proof there is a champion inside everyone. For more information please watch the video below.

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ChartChampions is led by its founder Daniel Jordan who formed the company with the aim of creating as many profitable traders as possible via sharing the knowledge he has accumulated over the years of trading Stocks and Crypto.


Founder and Director

An absolute champion of the charts who chooses to share his gift of trading knowledge in order to help people become successful traders.

Daniel started trading at the age of 16 with a desire to be the best at what he does. He is a self-taught trader who does not have the word fail in his vocabulary. He is an advocate of hard work and persistence who has been mastering trading ever since. He is always at the top of the game and doesn’t mince words when it comes to technical analysis. The knowledge he is passing on about TA applies to all the markets but he mostly trades cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), stocks and commodities. Daniel is a master of all – scalp trading, day trading and swing trading.


Coach and Operations Manager

A trader who excelled in his technical analysis and earned his spot as a Coach at Chart Champions. He is managing the Discord chats and coaching Champion members, providing educational content and private lessons with clients.

Mike has been an artist, art director and illustrator in the videogame and film industry for over 8 years. After he discovered that many art theories are very similar to trading theories, his interest for the artwork started to fade and his passion for charting and trading began to grow. His desire combined with hard work made him grow as a trader rapidly. Now he is a full-time professional trader, specialized in trading crypto markets. Mike is a master of all – scalp trading, day trading and swing trading.

Speaks: English, Dutch


Coach at Chart Champions

With not only spot on technical analysis but also amazing trading psychology Victor has earned his position as a Coach at Chart Champions. He primarily helps our members with psychological aspect of trading but also provides educational content and private lessons with clients.

Victor has been working as a doctor since 2010, firstly in heart surgery for eight years and after that he switched to general medicine. His patience and precision helped him a great deal when taking first steps into investing and trading. His calm yet determined approach made him a successful trader. Victor is currently a part-time trader mostly focused on swing trading stocks and cryptocurrency but he also day trades and scalp trades.

Speaks: English, Spanish, German


A well-respected member from within the community who has studied all the content, learnt it, and is here to help.


A very helpful, professional and high-quality assistance regarding any (technical, general or content) issue that you are experiencing.

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